{Boston bound}

One weekend Morgan and I decided to hit Boston for a change. It required her to drive here after work Friday (a 4 hour drive) and then turn around Saturday and go back to Boston only to drive BACK to NY Sunday and back again. Sheesh. I asked her 100 times if she was sure this was what she wanted to do, once she gets her mind set there is no changing it! For someone that is so eager to please and second guesses herself way to often, every once in awhile she gets locked into something and doesn’t budge. This was one of those times. As if I was going to argue too much? I looked forward to any time I had with her and if we got to explore a new city all the better.

On the way dear ol good girl Mo got pulled over for speeding…luckily the officer had a dog with chronic diarrhea  and Morgan is one of the nicest people in the entire world and gave him a free veterinarian consult right there on the side of the highway.

We FINALLY got into Boston and just headed straight into the city instead of going by the house she was staying at. I have to admit, I’m thankful it was a slow gradual ride into the chaos that is downtown…

When you have severe social issues being thrown into a bustling city like downtown Boston can make you physically ache and really want to cry. I think I handled it well. I talked myself down from the flight response, refusing to let anxiety stand between me and making memories with my love. And it worked! I proceeded to have one of the best days of my life with one of the best things to happen to me.

Like a couple of junkies we cached right quick in Boston…Morgan found this one! It was a tiny little micro hidden between the railings of a church, awesome find for sure. Was a good time writing our name on that tiny scroll.


She snapped this one of us. I actually really like it. I love the way we look at one another. Since day one she’s stared so longingly at me and my own looks of adoration have grown stronger by the day with her. I love us and can not say that enough. I am so happy to finally be this happy. I’ve found my life partner…wow… I’ve never been completed this much and loved this much ya know why? Because I never allowed anyone to love me like this, not a single person was just right until she came along. I saved a lot of me for her.

We also found me the bestest rainboots ever. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair for over a year now and while I haven’t tried to hard to find em I have looked here and there…well like anything, you should just let it go and leave it up to the Universe and you’ll be amazed. I did and look…I found the perfect pair all the way up in Boston and for half as much as the others I had looked at! I loooove them to pieces!

I was so pleased with the weather in Boston, it was warm during the day but nice and breezy and as the sun went down it became cooler to the point where I was kinda chilly, ack. We walked around and around taking in all the sights together. While she had been there for a few weeks she had yet to explore extensively so a lot of the things that night were new for both of us. I was having such a great time I grabbed few pictures 😦 Blegh.

We ate a yummy dinner of honey shrimp and some really yummy scallops, the sweet and salty combo was great. We then huddled around our little iron pot of warm tea and tried to stay semi-comfortable during the rest of dinner, ha. We got dessert but ended up getting it to go and walking around some more. She took me to the highest building there and I got to see all the twinkling lights and hustling cars from what felt like the top of the world. It was so amazing to be up that high even if the elevator ride up about made me die…god that’s terrifying to watch the numbers tick away!

We then got some more dessert and walked back home where we half assed ate and actually passed out…we made up for that in the morning 😛

What am I leaving out?

I started my period the second we got into the city…stress? Lack of stress? no idea but the timing was crap. Morgan didn’t think so… I’ll apologize now to the staff at whatever restaurant bathroom it was we ran into right quick.

Oh and the house the was staying in…wow…I can’t even word it, I took videos but they don’t do it justice. It was…interesting…

Time to leave came way to fast, I was actually very sad to see Boston for the last time.

We found a little cafe called The Other Side which is so flipping cute. That place pulled out all sorts of drive and want from me. They had a great mixed menu which offered almost all of it in vegan form which I love. The waffle sandwich sent Morgan into a literal panic…she really wigged out at the size of it and changed her order to a smaller more easily Dommed dish. I went with a vegetarian burrito which was yums. We also split a chocolate chip waffle which is really becoming our thing wherever we can get it. Theirs was epic homemade goodness and ugh….my favorite restaurant coffee thus far.

We got a couple cups to go and wandered down the street a bit letting our food digest before getting in the car. We stumbled upon the life is good store. I did a life is good themed cache and really fell in love with the company and their story. More and more everyday I am falling in love with the underdog and the story of success that emerges from a good place versus corporate greed. Not that these guys are the underdog by any means, they’re simply relatable and not backed by a celebrity or looking to get rich, they’re looking to spread their message and make people happy. Isn’t that what we all want? Or should?

On the way out of the city the sadness hit me…I cried and cried…I really hurt when we’re a part. She does as well but she usually does a really great job of hiding it, thinking she has to be this rock for me. We drove by a billboard that read “Every challenge is an opportunity” It became a mantra of sorts…I swear that’ll be something I repeat to myself daily. It’s true, it is. I had to stop myself and look at the big picture and see what lessons I had learned and had to go still versus the emotion on the surface.

I still hate being so far apart especially when we’re both going through so much, but the Universe works in interesting ways, often we don’t understand them until well after the fact.



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