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I had a couple days at home before I picked up our daughter from her fathers parents. We’ve had an interesting relationship from day one to say the least.  You can almost touch the judging it’s so thick in the air between us when they set eyes on me, it’s glorious. Our daughter had been with them off and on while her father was to have her. You see he wants full custody but doesn’t have what it takes to actually have full custody, 9 times out of 10 his parents have her. 9 times out of 10 they don’t return my calls or answer the phone when I call to inquire about my kiddo…I love them.

I still had a house filled to the gills with boxes and crap so I had planned on trying my hardest to get as much of that under control as possible…the airport nightmare had me stressed and unable to even want to get out of bed the next day, I did here and there but made no real good progress on the house until the next day. Might not of gotten it all in order but you can now almost walk in it! YAY!

The next day I met with my super awesome and horribly nice (ahem) mother in law and to my effing horror our daughter lost her 2nd baby tooth and not a single person thought her primary caregiver would want to know…ya know, the one person who she’s spent almost the entire duration of her 6.5 years with, ya know, me, her mom, santa, the tooth fairy, the fucking life source and sole reason she is alive and thriving and as balanced as she is…thank you! Thank you more for not telling me, not knowing where the tooth is and not giving it to me when I asked…god you are so awesome. Is that why your son is so great? yea….

Any how, I hadn’t told her she was about to fly for the first time, about to leave the state and see things she had never seen…I also didn’t tell her she would be seeing her Morgan. I dunno who loves Morgan more, me or the kiddo!

I packed up her stuff and finally told her…she was over the moon! BUT I didn’t tell her about Morgan still! I made that the real surprise.

The car ride to the airport was filled with excitement, she was so ready to fly. We parked our car at a lot and took a bus over to the airport, then took a little monorail from one side to the other and finally got to our gate. She pressed her little face to the window and watched as the huge plans were towed around the tarmac and marveled at their size.

She was so adorable pulling her little suitcase with her beloved E.T. tied to the handle.

She is such a great kid. I know everyone thinks this of their children, or they should and rightfully so, if you’ve done it right you can see all of your own perfections in your child and some of the ones you didn’t even know you had. You can see the ambition and the hope in their little faces, you can sit and watch the gears turn as they go through something new, which is daily! I don’t know that we give kids enough credit, hell I dunno that I do either. Every single day they are learning and developing, every minute of the day they are mimicking what they see and how we tell them to be etc kids are amazing. Our daughter especially. But any how, she trusted me so much in this process and it really helped my anxiety. I had just recently flown alone and was scared to death but because I had he little eyes on me I had to be a big girl and show her how it’s done. I did explain to her that it was okay to be nervous, that I was, it was natural and a lot of people were nervous about doing something new, about crowds, about flying and so on and that those feelings were perfectly fine. Just make sure you talk about them and not hold them in or they get out of control and unbearable. It worked, she was a brave little peach and went through it all with out a hitch.

We had a layover in Detroit that only lasted about 30 minutes, Raigen hammed it up for the attendants before we all got to sit and figure out who the extra person was on the plane…that added another 30+ minutes to the flight, blegh.

The lady who sat in front of us on the second leg of the flight was reading the raunchiest book. Well at least the title and chapter names were! The book was “Assholes finish first” yea, read it and get it. And a chapter was titled “The things I put up with for pussy” uh huh. No really, here is a shot!  She was flying alone and sitting next to a mother and child, she kept sitting awkwardly as she tried to block the text from her neighbor. I mean really…is it THAT important?! ….now I want to read the book and the one that he wrote before it….ugh.


When we got off the plane Raigen ran into her new Grandfathers arms like they had always known one another, kids are so sensitive to energy it’s beautiful.

At this time the el kiddo is going through a rough time as far as her eating goes. While I was her stay at home parent and we lived in the same house as her father she ate really well. Now that his parents and him have her by themselves a lot more often she eats a lot of pre-packaged crap and of course has developed a taste for it versus real food…that’s frustrating. This is the kid who forced me to go vegan for over a year, now she won’t eat half of what she favored before, ugh. It’s normal. She’s showing control over something in a time of uncertainty to her, I welcome that independence and love that she feels she can speak her mind…doesn’t mean I don’t want to cry about the set backs. The benefits are far greater then the stresses right now so it’s just something we have to work with and get over.

We had a great time exploring together, she absolutely fell in love with the river here, who wouldn’t?!

I have some really really pretty shots of her in the river and at the falls that I am hoping to sit down and properly edit here soon. I am starting up a few projects and for sure will make time to get these awesome moments up for everyone.

Bringing her to the falls meant the world to me. I want to explore with her. I want her to see the life outside of the bubble that is where she grew up. I want her to see the world and I would love to see it right along with her. I especially love her being in nature, I grew up outside in the woods but never was exposed to mountains and waterfalls. I love that she has at such a young age. Who knows what that inspires inside of her heart. Hopefully a lot that she’ll carry with her forever.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I am hoping to spend time with her and Morgan down there tomorrow. Raigen wanted us both down there so bad the last weekend Mo was here but she was busy with school stuff and time was tight so it was her and I again…Raigen ended up slipping on a rock and scaring the wits out of me so we wrapped it up quick! Ha…man how different I am from my parents.



We did explore another side of the river together that day though…Raigen got some pricklies from a bush I bumped into when I was there before and I slipped and jammed my toe…Morgan on the other hand…unscathed. Hrms.













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