{When it rains…}

I only had a week left before I was to fly home alone. I had rode with Morgan from Florida to NY so I had no car waiting for me when I got off the plan in Florida. I had set up a rental to be waiting for me and looked forward to just getting off the plane, getting in the car, driving 3 hours and being home with the cats finally! I dreaded being home alone..but still, I kept holding onto the positive.

Morgan came from Boston to drive me to the airport, this was my first time saying bye to her…usually we said bye and SHE left, this was not awesome. My flight ended up being delayed because of a water leak of some sort that they couldn’t figure out, we sat there for over an hour waiting for them to figure it all out, I’m still not sure if they ever did. Morgan didn’t want to leave in case the flight was cancelled so she sat in the cafe and waited while I hung out by the gate. I wouldn’t of been able to hear them over the intercom had I come back through security to her so we had no choice but to sit a apart for over an hour…awesome. Finally we were boarding, I said goodbye over the phone and picked my seat.

I proceeded to sit next to a 5 year old who held my hand and played with my hair for the next 3 hours or so…I had a wild night with Morgan and hadn’t showered so I am sure I smelled like sex still and worse yet, my hair had a very interesting texture to it and my fingernails had DNA in the edges…god help me. The little girl would take my hand, reach over and take her moms and force us to hold hands…all I kept thinking about was where that hand was before, ugh!

Any how, I got off the plan, called Mo to let her know I landed and happily walked to the rental spot. Morgan was going to spend the weekend at her folks place, taking a bit of a break from Boston and life and just enjoying the quiet. Well….

My bank had a fraud issue just before we left and they issued me a temp. card…the car rental place didn’t take temp. cards even though I just made a reservation 2 weeks prior (for the move!) with my normal card and the accounts were the same, they refused to call the bank, wouldn’t take cards over the phone etc. I was fucked. I had no other means of renting a car since they all needed a card on file paying with cash wasn’t an option, I mean I could pay them in cash if I had an acceptable card to put on file with it, FUCK! I was starting to panic…here I was 3 hours from home just off a flight that took twice as long just about and now I was fucked and had no idea how I was getting home. Morgan was my saving grace…my god was she. I walked to every rental car desk and got shot down by all of them, Morgan kept calm and tried to get me to do the same even though I was now crying because 1) I hated having to leave in the first place 2)I have social anxiety and the airport is a huge issue for me and here I was alone…fuck it and 3) I had no way of getting home even though I was exhausted and willing to pay!

My flight landed at about 4:30pm…thanks to the events that unfolded I didn’t walk through my front door until after 1am. That’s right…1 am. It took me as long to fly as it would of if I drove from New York to home!

Morgan found a bus company that would pick me up at the airport and drive me home for only $40 bucks! Way cheaper then the car was going to be, and then a cab would take me home for about $20, awesome!! The whole thing was flawless…I mean I had to sit in the airport for 6 hours but I did it! lol.

Morgan did so well…god she really did. In that moment all I had was myself and her and man she pulled through. I’ve never felt safer in such a shitty moment then I did then with her on the phone.

Together we can do anything… or together she can get me through anything, damn! What a nightmare. Fuck you Budget rental.




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