{You only turn 90 once…so lets humiliate you and piss you off real good}

The first Saturday we were here as a family (Raigen, Mo and I all together) was also Gramela’s Mommy’s birthday! She was turning 90 so it was a biggen!

I was a touch nervous, not gonna  lie. Not because I’m meeting more of her family or anything but because her Grandmother is notorious for being….opinionated… I was caught up on how she might be…might not be…could be…could get to…and what not. I was scared to death I was going to say the wrong thing, look the wrong way and have this old bat running up my ass. As if I am not used to dealing with my fair share of asshole old ladies?

                                                                                  Look… my Grandmother after she smacked me in the face with birthday cake…after I got her first.

                                                                                                                                                 5 generations of bitchy women

But this was someone else’s old lady, not my own, I couldn’t simply tell her to eat me and get her to shut up! She has bad vision and bad hearing so I planned to talk loud and stand close…turning me into “Morgan’s special friend who creeps me out by standing on top of me and won’t stop screaming at me!” ugh! I just kinda ignored her…yep. I made Raigen the sacrificial lamb, what old lady hates kids? (All of them!) Maybe Raigen and Morgan’s bad hair (Grandma’s words, not mine!) distracted her from me!? Or….maybe I drank wine by the gulp and had sex in the bathroom to relieve some stress….maybe Morgan and her mother danced like stoners at a Lilith Fair just after Morgan’s mom stole her elderly fathers scooter, maybe I laughed so hard I peed my pants as I was standing up in front of everyone and getting their picture, maybe Morgan photobombed every picture taken at her party and not just the ones I took! Yea…that sounds more like it….

Here, enjoy!!

                                                                                                         I was laughing so hard for all of these that almost every single one is blurry!

                                                                                                            A shot of someone else’s picture of the family…yep, there’s Morgan.

We had a great day really. I love this family. I love that I get to call them my own. Ugh, love. I haven’t laughed this much and felt this good in a very long time if at all. Never for this long that’s for sure. And not only because of them but because of the progress I’ve made within myself. I’ve done so much work in regards to growing and developing and what not…I’m getting there, I can see me.

This was the first half of our day, the second half was spent on the boat, weeeee….I have great shots from that too but I wanted to save this update for the birthday alone…what a great time….

Ohh random, at one point I fished a piece of paper out of a glass of someone’s wine with  my fingers, Morgan’s mom came over and drank it and I whispered the best thing in her ear I’ve ever said! Guess what it was?


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