{On the road again…}

Morgan left for Boston yet again that Sunday night and Raigen and I spent the rest of the week exploring the area. And by exploring I mean traumatizing ourselves in the oldest cemetery I’ve ever seen and oh…it was kind forgotten about so it was overgrown horribly which added to it’s creep factor.

Things that were said while on this adventure “What is that smell?!” and “Ugh what’s with all the bugs!?” Those were from Raigen, I was too busy falling into random holes (OI!) to speak words other than “omfg!” Needless to say I got lots of images on this dreary day then got home to think back on it and go “What in the hell was I thinking?”

That Friday I got to borrow the father in-laws car and go to Boston with Raigen! Yay! It was my first long distance drive out of state…I had borrowed the car a couple times but never went further then 10 miles and that was just once! Ha. Luckily it was almost all highway driving for the 4 hour drive between towns. It was only mildly hairy on the rotary things, god! I just clinched my butt cheeks and hoped for the best!!! Hey it worked.

Look kids, a big homo trying to sneak up on ya! Hahaha, this is my favorite picture of them! Mo’s never looked like a bigger creep and trust me, she can be creepy…this one takes the cake.

We spent the first night just wandering around aimlessly. We had dinner at the place we ate at the night I was there alone, P.F. Changs and then wandered back to the car which ironically was parked in the same spot we parked in when I was there alone! This time it was pouring down rain, ew. We were staying at the house again…the crowded house with all the creepy things. It seems the majority of homes in Boston don’t have central air, it’s so strange. In Florida almost everyone does, rarely do you see window units and window fans unless you’re being green or just can’t afford it. In Boston it’s standard, while I love how green that is I hate how shitty it is when you’re sleeping in a crowded room with no circulation and in a bed that’s closed in on 3 sides…dear god. Oh hey and it’s also a twin…yea, wicked awesome right? We did a really good job of coming home later in the evening when it was a few degrees cooler at least but I still slept really hot and tossed and turned each night.

Any how, the 2nd day we slept in a touch before getting up and going to The Other Side for breakfast/lunch before hitting the city

Coffee there = orgasmic. Lordy. Haven’t checked their bathrooms yet! PISSER!! After that stop we wandered up and down the street nearest which housed Johnny Cupcakes! Interestingly enough Morgan was talking to me about him that week but I didn’t hear the name. Back in the day during the height of my cupcake obsession (as if it’s declined?!) I had read a little about him or more so his products but never looked into his shops and stuff. Wow!! I was so amazed…crap, what a freaking great concept and execution! His Boston location is the cutest shop I have ever been into. I still can’t get over it. I am in love.

~*~That entire town has really inspired me to remember where I said I would be as an adult and what I would be doing~*~

After marveling at the shop we walked down the street a bit more and just took in all that Boston had for us, one of the things was a street magician (god I love street performers. I told Morgan it’s on my bucket list to sing and play guitar on the street one day. I love side show folks too but I doubt I have any sort of talent for it.) Raigen was picked almost instantly to be the magicians right hand girl. He did typical stuff with her, making things appear and disappear from her tiny fist, turned her dollar bill into a 5 dollar bill etc It was great and made Raigen’s day.

I am so very happy to of had the chances this summer gave me and us. I am so blessed for the people that this life has allowed me to cross paths with. If it wasn’t for a few key choices, a few amazing people and life giving me everything and then some, I wouldn’t be able to even sit here and imagine the memories we now call our own. There is nothing I enjoy more in this life then making memories with our daughter. Seeing the world through her eyes is brilliant, it’s like seeing everything for the first time. She teaches me so very much, she’s the person I am most grateful for.


One of the interest things you find yourself doing as a parent…or creepy person with out a child and a lot of cats, or time…is adding voices to random things. This was already a slight habit pre-child so now that I have a reason to be talking in odd voices and at random times…it’s gone from weird tick to obsession level at times :/ My best act yet is that of her beloved lovey, E.T. Yes, THE E.T. Our little man became part of our family in around V-Day of 2010 when we came out of the E.T. ride at Universal Studios and into the gift shop where we were bombarded by 80’s E.T dolls and a few kids with scared expressions. Out of all of the dolls there, we found one with a little red coat on, clutching a teddy in his little arm and jammed together with others just like him…so you’d think. Raigen looked over each one carefully until one spoke to her, this one would become her son, my Grandson and to date…be an active part in our day to day.

There are few things in life as magical as a child’s imagination in full swing, if you’ve seen it then hopefully you took the time to put your cell phone and latte down and enjoyed it, if you’ve not only put those things down but encouraged it, God bless ya. Of course I gave a voice to E.T which would turn into a whole life, a wardrobe, likes and dislikes, jokes, songs, bad habits, potty training and so on…I dunno who enjoys him more, her or I. Sadly her father and his parents don’t encourage this innocence. Forcing her to leave her E.T. behind, taking off his collar (Which has a tag that lists my number under “If lost, please phone home”) and forcing him back into toy world versus therapeutic stress relief. Life isn’t fair sometimes, adults are pretty ignorant at times. Any how, Raigen and E.T. flew for the first time, went to NY then to Boston, they both explored their world side by side and yep…even got into their bathing suits and played in Boston fountains together 🙂 I love her and her little boy.




Another fountain in downtown Boston. We loved sitting there in the sun and watching the kids play and the folks mingle.


We had such a wonderful time at the parks in Boston. It’s such a perfect city for us. We love walking and exploring and just enjoying our days together in whatever way we can have em. Being able to shop, eat, people watch, play, swim, run and laugh in one small block is awesome. This is one of my favorite shots of Raigen in Boston. She had such a great time with this little squirrel. I adore this picture.

We spent an afternoon at the Boston Children’s Museum and had such a great time. Out of the 4 floors of hands on awesoneness, Raigen had the most fun with this center 🙂 She sat there for so long and put all the little screws in while proudly wearing her safety glasses. I was impressed that they had a saw and files… :/

They also had an authentic Japanese house which I was the most excited about AND a pitcher of honey in the cafe by the coffee…how epic. Usually people are such epic Nazi’s with honey for your coffee.

As soon as we walked in I could smell bubbles and yay, it was one of the last spots we found. It was such fun. Gosh I love bubbles. They also had this insane ball room. It contained all these slides and chutes etc for golf balls, combine that with a million kids and you have soooo much motion your head will spin. It was worth it 😀

After we took a walk on the boardwalk, I miss the smell of the water and docks, gosh I love it. That night we went downtown and I had coffee oreo ice-cream from JP licks (I’m hooked!) and watched more street performers. Then right in front of Harvard, one of the oddest moments took place…

We were wandering around trying to find the car at night when all of a sudden the silence of the street was filled, slowly it got louder and louder and all of a sudden, there on that street, just us 3 standing there, eyes wide and mouths pushed into shocked grins…we experienced a sorta flash-mob. But on bikes, all home-made or modified, with lights and glow sticks and glitter and lace and radios and oddness. I think someone might of been on a uni-cycle….it was so fast and happy it almost seemed like a huge hallucination. They reached out and high fived Raigen as they drove by and into the night…leaving as fast as they came. It was insane…and amazing. We all agreed it made our hearts so happy and that we totally have to be in that one day, ha.


Some other highlights from the short trip:

driving the juke from New York to Boston all alone! Craving nacho’s and going to Cactus and getting just what I was craving and then some…like watching our waitress swoon over my girlfriend *hissssss!!!* Went to China Town…it was so smelly and oh yea, the country just now ruled The Gay as legal…some folks still aren’t alright with our “mental disorder” but that’s alright, I still hope to one day spend my life savings going there for awhile! Watching Morgan tie a cherry stem in a knot..*squirms* Pushing E.T. down a huge hill in a Tonka truck and watching him go flying out as the truck rolled over in what almost appeared to be slow-motion, it was EPIC…Raigen freaked out….And watching Raigen’s world open that much further. Gosh that kid loves the North. No really, she named the mountains and really found herself. There were loads more like quick parent sex, glass cat walks across the streets, Raigen faking a heart attack from walking too much one night, Morgan’s landlord and Raigen’s bond, it was beautiful etc etc.

Our trip to Boston wasn’t long enough, soon we found ourselves packing up with out Morgan and heading back to New York. It was sad to leave, but at least we were leaving for New York and not Florida! The time between us would be short this time!








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