[2] life list

My life list grows and changes pretty often.  Have you started yours yet? What have you checked off? How did that make you feel? Here is mine thus far, in no order.

  • Wash an elephant (Michael Franti inspired this one)
  • Graduate from college
  • See as much of China with Raigen. (We saw Boston’s China Town on July 31st 2011, does that count?)
  • See snow with Raigen.  (12/2011 we had our first snow adventures in upstate NY!!)
  • Fill a passport.
  • Have a photograph in a gallery/exposed to a broad audience.
  • Volunteer often.
  • See Raigen thrive and be happy.
  • Learn to drive stick.  (Learned Mothers Day of 2011, thanks to Morgan!)
  • Beat the odds! (I’ve beat a lot of em thus far!)
  • Forgive (One day the blog will feature the details of this one)
  • Take singing lessons.
  • Learn to play acoustic guitar.
  • Be happy.
  • Be at peace.
  • Travel the world and hug as many people as possible. (fill a passport kinda?)
  • Backpack!
  • Be in PiP
  • Have a functioning edible garden!
  • Butterfly garden.
  • Write children’s books.
  • have a modest farm filled with rescued animals.  (August 2013 we moved to a farm!!!)
  • educate.
  • Make soap for friends, family & public. (shelters etc)
  • donate time and resources. (volunteer & donate soap?)
  • Have my shop.
  • Hide caches and be active in the community. (I’m partially active, but I wanna be thick in there!) (semi-scratched, we hid one in Little Falls, NY!)
  • truly develop my photography skills. (Doubt combined with ADD is a killer!)
  • Prank more! 😀
  • Get my etsy up and going when I am confident in my crafts!
  • be a runner (As of June of 2011, I am a partial runner…still a n00b, but getting there, so very soon this is gonna be striked!)
  • Be humble (I am so getting back to humble and it feels amazing)
  • Remind those I love that they are loved.
  • Be healthy. (June 2010 I quit smoking, June 2011 marks almost 40 pounds lost, working on spiritual and emotional health now, soon this will be striked!)
  • Own a sphinx. (aw damn they are epic!)
  • Make love under the stars. (05/2011)
  • Feel worth it.  (continuing feeling!)
  • Meet Michael Franti
  • take part in free hugs
  • Say “yes” to the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • Stargaze with my love.  (July 2011)
  • Make love at the base of a waterfall.   (June 2011)
  • Make a new omellete every week.
  • Practice yoga weekly.
  • try couples yoga.
  • Write a letter to Michael Franti.
  • Take Morgan to Key West.  (June-April 2012 AND 2013!! YES!!)
  • Make 99% of our own food at home.
  • Buy the rest from locals.
  • Sew as much as I can and as much as we need. (sheets, curtains, shower curtains, rugs, bags, skirts etc)
  • Sell everything we need to in the house and have the house functioning. (lots of stuff when you merge 2 families) (6/2012 we sold almost everything)
  • Soap…that’s it.
  • Live out of state for awhile.
  • Relax and breathe.
  • Love her the same way she loves me.
  • Watch Morgan graduate next year!  (She did it! She is a Doctor!! *tears!*)
  • Finish my 365.
  • Finish our 52 weeks of us.
  • Finish Raigen’s 365.
  • Blog weekly.
  • Yard sale
  • Thrift often. (it’s a way of life now.)
  • Pick apples & blue berries.
  • ditch Raigen’s 6 year old attitude! (WE CAN DO EEEEET!) Yay! We’re almost 8!
  • learn to crochet.
  • try my hand at glass work
  • work with resins
  • Do more DIY projects around the house from some of my favorite sites.
  • Get R’s room up and going!
  • Do a B&B for a few months.
  • Own another huge salt water reef tank.
  • Live in a functioning small space.  (From Aug 2012-Aug 2013 we lived in a 500 sq ft historic home in Hollywood, FL!)
  • Learn canning.
  • Get my GED (2013! Started college the fall of 2014!)
  • Own a tortoise  (May/June 2012 – she owns us!)
  • Cook with my Great Grandmother (8/2012 this is ongoing but a big soup cook off was that month.)
  • Laugh with my Grandma  (8/2012 we giggled in the hospital this year, laughter is the best medicine)
  • See my Aunt in South Carolina
  • See the other coast
  • Join roller derby! (HOLY SHIT! 2014, Tallahassee. One day I will qualify, but for right now I’m fresh meat.)
  • Sing with Morgan as she plays piano.
  • Inspire

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